1. Joe Biden is exactly the kind of weak establishment Democrat that Donald Trump can beat  — Donald Trump excels at running against members of the Democratic establishment. When he beat Hillary Clinton, it was because he attacked her for being pro-Wall Street, responsible for free trade agreements that shipped American manufacturing overseas, a supporter of the disastrous Iraq War, and embroiled in corruption scandals. Joe Biden is exactly the same: he was in the pocket of credit card companies (and helped them make it more difficult for poor Americans to get out from under crushing debts in bankruptcy), voted for NAFTA, was a key supporter of Bush’s catastrophic war, and has his own corruption scandal. Worse, Biden has lied about things like his Iraq war support. These lies will be the subject of constant, and effective, attack ads in a general election. 

2. Joe Biden does not have the ability to inspire voters or the strength necessary to fight Trump. — Throughout this campaign, Biden’s fundraising has been anemic and his events poorly-attended. Biden’s public speeches are rambling and incoherent. His “gaffes” are near-constant to the point where it is often not clear he knows where he is or what office he is running for. One does not want to make fun of this and it is a delicate subject but we are talking about making someone President of the United States and problems like these will be pounced on by Trump.

 It will be impossible for Biden to produce a reason for young people to turn out and vote for him, because he has long stood in the way of social progress—such as by partnering with racist senators to oppose racially integrating the school system and expand the prison system—and represents every tendency in the Democratic Party that has turned off progressive voters. Biden’s interactions with voters are often painful to watch: while Bernie Sanders is good at engaging voters he disagrees with and can get even a Fox News audience cheering for his socially progressive agenda, Joe Biden swears at voters, insults them, and tells them to go and vote for his opponents. It’s a terrible approach to politics: Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney learned the hard way that when you insult voters themselves, you turn them off. Biden will see his support tank as voters realize he is incompetent and he continues the approach that caused him to tank in Iowa and New Hampshire. 

3. Joe Biden has very serious vulnerabilities that are going to be exposed — Biden has a history of lying about himself. His first presidential run ended in scandal, because Biden was caught fictionalizing details of his autobiography, making up awards that he had never won and lifting autobiographical details from the speeches of other politicians. Biden still does this: he has been pretending to have been a Civil Rights activist, lying about his voting record, lying about his support for the Iraq war, and making up fictitious incidents in his life that never happened. Biden’s pitch to America is that his moral character is superior to Donald Trump’s, but it will be impossible for him to make that case clearly when multiple women have accused him of inappropriately touching them and Biden has a long history of telling lies. 

4. Bernie Sanders does not have any of these weaknesses and is clearly the candidate best positioned to beat Trump. Bernie Sanders has not lied about having been part of the civil rights movement, because he was actually part of the civil rights movement, and has earned the endorsement of the legendary Jesse Jackson. Bernie Sanders has consistently shown better judgment than Joe Biden on the issues that matter: he was a staunch opponent of the Iraq war, which reveals the kind of foreign policy judgment a president needs. When Joe Biden was pushing for cuts to Social Security, Bernie Sanders fought to make sure seniors had the safety net they needed to be comfortable in old age. Joe Biden has been a lifelong friend of the the political and economic elites, while Bernie Sanders has been a lifelong champion of the rights of ordinary people. 

5. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who can deal with the most pressing challenges of our time. — Climate change is one of the most serious challenges of our time, and while Joe Biden’s campaign is stuffed with fossil fuel industry executives and their allies, Bernie’s plans for a Green New Deal represent the best chance we have of taking the necessary action to stop climate change. There is a reason why polls have shown Bernie as a better general election candidate against Trump in key states: Bernie can inspire independents and win back Trump’s own voters. He knows the struggles people face in their day to day lives: Bernie wants a healthcare plan that covers everybody, while Joe Biden would leave millions uninsured. Even people like Joe Rogan, who we might expect to be sympathetic to Donald Trump, trust Bernie Sanders because he conveys authenticity and compassion in a way that politicians like Biden do not. Bernie is the best weapon the Democrats have for taking back the White House. If Democrats don’t choose Bernie, they will be saddled with a nominee who will fumble and go down in flames, turning off the next generation of Democratic voters (who overwhelmingly reject Biden) and handing reelection to Donald Trump. 



Given the stakes of this election for the planet and the fate of democracy, we cannot take a risk like Joe Biden. 

Bernie Sanders will win back the Midwest and is the Democrats’ ticket to victory in November.

To save the country from Trump, we must stop Democrats from the disaster of a Biden nomination. 

For more, see: “Democrats, You Really Do Not Want to Nominate Joe Biden” Article, Audio, and Video

And Intercepted podcastWe Need to Talk About Joe” 

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