The United States Declaration of Independence – In modern English

Several years ago, I tried to write a more modern (and less formal) version for my kids. Here it is:


The unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America

When a group of people splits apart from another group to become their own power in the world, they should give their reasons.

We think that the following things are obvious:

* Everyone is created equal.

* God has given everyone certain rights that no one should be able to take away, such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

* People make governments to help them keep those rights safe.

* If a government doesn’t do what it should, then the people have the right to get rid of it and set up a new one.

Of course, if a government has been around a while, it shouldn’t be changed unless there’s a really good reason. (In fact, history has shown that people would often rather keep a bad government than overthrow it.)

But if there have been lots of abuses and the government is just trying to keep the people down, then the people have the right, and the duty, to get rid of it and start a new one that’s better.

That’s what’s been happening here. The King of Great Britain wants to be a tyrant over us, and has repeatedly acted to make himself one.

To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world:

* He has refused to allow good laws to be passed.

* He forbids his governors from passing important and pressing laws until he agrees to them himself. Then, he ignores them and won’t say yes or no.

* He has refused to pass other laws unless the people agree to give up their right to representation in government. Only a tyrant would want that.

* He’s made our local governments meet in uncomfortable, weird, places that are far away, just so that they’ll be exhausted enough to agree to his demands.

* Whenever our local governments stand up to him, he dismisses them.

* After dismissing the local governments, he won’t allow new elections, so that we’re stuck without any local government at all.

* He tried to keep our population down by not naturalizing foreigners, by discouraging potential newcomers, and by making it hard to get new land.

* He has obstructed justice by not letting us establish our own court system.

* He made the current judges completely dependent on him for their salary and their jobs.

* He created a bunch of new government offices, and sent over swarms of officials to harass our people.

* He kept his army here, even though we’re at peace, and we didn’t vote for it.

* He has tried to place the military above the civil power.

* He has put us under a legislation that’s foreign to us and that we don’t acknowledge, and which has passed laws that we don’t accept, like:

– For keeping a lot of soldiers around us

– For protecting those soldiers from punishment when they murder our people

– For cutting off our trade with the rest of the world

– For imposing taxes on us without our say

– For often taking away the right of a trial by jury

– For making us stand trial overseas for bogus charges

– For getting rid of the system of laws that our neighbors follow, so that it’ll be easier to get rid of ours

– For taking away our most valuable laws and changing our constitutions

– For suspending our legislatures, then saying that their foreign legislature can handle all our affairs.

* He has abdicated government here, by declaring us out of his protection and waging war against us.

* He has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burned our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.

* He is right now sending over a large army of foreign mercenaries to finish the job of death, desolation, and tyranny. His cruelty and deceit are practically unprecedented in history, and totally unworthy of the head of a civilized nation.

* He has captured our sailors and forced them to fight against their own people, or be killed.

* He has tried to get people to rebel against the local government, and has encouraged the Indians to attack us.

All along the way, we’ve humbly asked for help. Each time, he has just made it worse. A leader like that, who is obviously a tyrant, isn’t fit to be the ruler of a free people.

We’ve also told the British people about what’s happening. We’ve reminded them about our ties together, and we’ve appealed to their sense of justice and generosity. But they’ve been just as deaf as the king.

So we have to think of the British people the same way we think of everyone else: Enemies if we’re at war. Friends if we’re at peace.

Therefore, hoping that the world agrees with us, we declare that these colonies are, and should be, free and independent states.

These states no longer have any allegiance to the British crown, and all political connections are dissolved. As free and independent states, they have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do anything else that free states do.

And to support this declaration, relying on divine protection, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

It’s OK to discriminate against Asians (for high school admissions)

When is a minority not a minority?

NEW YORK, NY – Last year, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund filed a civil rights lawsuit with the federal government to eliminate testing as the sole basis for admissions to top public schools in New York City, such as Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech and Stuyvesant, since it discriminated against ethnic minorities. They argued that factors such as school grades, teacher recommendations and personal experience be taken into account, which would make the admissions process similar to university admissions. However, the majority of students admitted to these top NYC public schools are ethnic minorities. They’re Asians.

According to the New York Times, approximately 59% of the students enrolled in the eight specialized high schools are Asian. In 1971, the Stuyvesant High School student body was 10% Black, 4% Hispanic, and 6% Asian with the rest being White but is 72% Asian and around 4% percent are Black or Hispanic in 2012. Based on concerns about the lack of test preparation from minority groups, the city initially offered a free test-prep program to Black and Hispanic students and later to all students. However, it was still an issue because the majority of students enrolled in the public test program are Asians.

The Times article exploring this controversy spent considerable time profiling the Asian students who were accepted into the top NYC high schools. One account was about a son of Chinese immigrants who often sacrificed weekends studying for the high school entrance exam. He rarely saw his parents because they worked long shifts.

Other Asian students profiled came from families that either lived in Third World conditions or emigrated from countries experiencing violence. These families managed to pool their limited resources to ensure their kids had the time and money needed to do well in school and pass the high school entrance exam.

Although the writer made efforts to show these students made sacrifices and worked hard to be in these schools, he also made a point of emphasizing their “foreignness”. In the same article, the writer quoted Jerome Krase, a professor emeritus in sociology at Brooklyn College, suggesting Asian students are culturally obligated to do well since “[They] hold the honor of the family in their hands“, which implies they are different from Americans.

Moreover, the interviews with non-Asian parents were critical of the current admissions process. One parent agreed with expanding admissions to consider more than just the entrance exam results while another parent felt that it was abnormal for students to sacrifice weekends just to prepare for the entrance exam. Despite these criticisms, both parents have children who are preparing for the entrance exam.

While it is true that Asians make up the majority of students in the top specialized high schools in New York City, other groups such as Blacks, Hispanics and Whites also successfully passed the tests. Instead of just profiling Asian students and emphasizing their ‘foreignness’ and their family’s limited links to American culture, the writer should have also profiled Black and Hispanic students who successfully passed the exam to show that success is not limited to Asians.

Interviewing parents of successful Black or Hispanic students would give readers ideas of how non-Asian parents and their children worked around their respective challenges to succeed since they might be more relatable to readers than the Asian students and families profiled in the article. As a result, the article appears to perpetuate the idea that Asians are undermining the perceived character of New York City’s top public schools and unintentionally promoting tensions with other ethnic groups in the city due to their “foreign values”.

Another area the writer should have explored is the root cause for test prep programs.

It is strange that students have to enroll in test preparation programs to prepare for a high school admission exam that supposedly tests students on items they should have learned in the city’s primary and middle schools. If the primary and middle public schools are properly teaching their students, then there should not be a disparity between students enrolled in test prep programs and those that are not since the exam is based on things they should have learned in school.

Sadly, these disparities suggest there is an issue with the quality of public school education in the city, not of the race of students in the city’s top high schools.

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund believes that changing the current admissions process into a holistic process would solve the problems with the current system that allegedly gives wealthier families an advantage due to their abilities to get better test preparation. However, this change would actually harm many poor immigrant Asian families and may not necessarily help the intended Black or Hispanic students in high school admissions.

If the city switches to a holistic approach, wealthier parents would still find ways to ensure their children have the means to join extracurricular activities, enroll in better primary or middle schools for improved grades, hire admissions counselors to develop strong admissions essays, and still send their children to test preparation programs. The less well-off, regardless if they are Black, Hispanic and Asian would still be at a disadvantage in the admissions process just like for university admissions. Most of all, in the midst of this controversy, the status quo for many wealthy families and their children would still be preserved.

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Tortured by temptation, turned-on teacher traps untainted teen

Tortured by temptation, turned-on teacher traps untainted teen
Uramono Japan (February)

Several sensational stories from the States have appeared in the Japanese media about pulchritudinous pedagogues pouncing on precocious proteges. Now the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak.

“Seven years ago, I was seduced by one of these ‘ero-teachers,'” confesses Shinya Nito in Uramono Japan (February). “There may be some people who would envy what happened to me, but frankly, I’m not proud of it.”

Nito, now a 20-year-old university student, relates what occurred when he was in his first semester of 7th grade.

His new homeroom teacher, Yukari Takahashi (a pseudonym) was 28. Although her face was quite attractive — slightly resembling TV performer and model Kaori Manabe — she adopted a stern demeanor and came across as a strict disciplinarian. The kids found her a bit intimidating, calling her “Iron Yukari” behind her back.

Kaori Manabe

The school year began the first week of April and about a month later, after the students returned from their “Golden Week” holiday, Nito noticed a subtle change in Yukari’s attitude toward him. She became more indulgent, and once, when passing him in the corridor going the opposite direction, she brushed up against him in a manner that could have only been intentional.

After his phys. ed. class, Yukari would try to get close to him for a whiff of his adolescent pheromones.

One day, Nito received a mushy note from one of the girls in his class, and the two sat together and chatted while eating their box lunches.

Seeing this, an infuriated Yukari bellowed, “What do you think you’re doing? Don’t you know it’s against the school rules for boys and girls to slide their desks together and eat like that!”

Nito was ordered to report to the detention room after class, where Yukari stood waiting, nervously tapping her foot.

“You should be devoting time to your studies!” Yukari ranted at him. “What do you think you’re doing, spending time with that girl?” she exclaimed, delivering a sharp open-handed slap to his cheek. He cringed.

“As your punishment, I want you to strip completely! Come on — do it! Now!”

Nito stripped to the buff and standing there naked, face downwards and trembling, he noticed a sensation of redness and swelling in his groin.

“Is your widdle ‘chinchin’ getting bigger, Nito-kun? Hmmmmm?” she teased, maliciously.

Humiliated, he could not produce so much as a word in response.

With a mischievous smile, she slid back his foreskin and began yanking on his swollen member. In a matter of about 10 seconds, he was spurting seed.

Nito notes that he had heard of the word “onani” (masturbation) before, but at this point said he had yet to experience it himself. His reaction to this was not unlike a girl who had just lost her hymen: he began sobbing in shame and embarrassment.

“Awww, I’m sorry, did I make you cry? Well, we can overlook it this time, but make sure you don’t tell anybody. You’d be expelled, and wouldn’t be able to go to high school either.”

Unable to tell even his friends, at the age of 13, Nito became his teacher’s pet in the worst possible sense.

“Ejaculating lots of sperm will make you smarter,” she would exhort him, popping a porn production into her DVD player, and then proceeding to repeatedly bring him to orgasm by oral, and manual, means.

Finally, Yukari took Nito home and on her bed they went all the way. His initial instruction in illicit intercourse turned out to be the opening shot of a sexual marathon.

“Just like those stories about American teachers who seduced their students,” Nito tells Uramono Japan, “she would demand sex from me constantly, not only in her home, but in the classroom, in her car and in public parks. I was under the impression that there was nothing on her mind except sex, sex and more sex.”

The end, when it came, was totally unexpected. Nito had just collapsed in exhaustion after getting off for the third consecutive session.

“I’m quitting my job at the school,” she informed him abruptly. “I have a baby in my stomach. Your baby … He’ll be a gorgeous child who’ll look like you. And after he grows up, maybe I’ll love him just as much as I loved you.”

So by the time he was ready to enter his 2nd year of middle school, Nito recollects, his first love had not only called it quits, but left the teaching profession.

And what became of Yukari after that? Nito would only sigh and say, “Whether the reason she told me for her leaving was true, or if there was some other reason, I don’t think I should know — and don’t want to know either.”

(By Masuo Kamiyama, contributing writer).
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(Mainichi Japan) January 12, 2008

Off-beat news from Mainichi Japan really is off-beat! Either “Nito” is making this completely out of his ass or he is really lucky to be the “chosen one”.


I finally saw “Superbad”, a high school comedy about three friends who have a wild night out trying to smuggle alcohol into a friend’s graduation party. Most of it involves the randomness of these characters in their misadventures to get closer with girls they like after they were invited to a graduation party.

One character, Fogel, decides to get a poorly made fake ID that only has one name to buy alcohol, but winds up being taken for a night out by a pair of corrupt cops. The other group Evan and Seth, decide to go on a long adventure first in a drunken college party, and then running from the same corrupt cops before meeting up with Fogel.   Most of the story was around the friendship shared between Evan and Seth and the seemingly large changes that happen after high school.

Everything comes to a head at the house party with some fun surprises. Superbad was a funny movie that touches on the awkwardness that most people endure in high school, from the relative isolation to the lack of confidence due to the perceived social pyramid that exists in that time.

Its business as usual…

These past four days have been interesting in America, as White America continues to remain in shock over the killings and coming to terms with the Model Minority stereotype.  For those who are unfamiliar with race relations in America, the “Model Minority” stereotype is a stereotype applied to all ethnic Asians in America who are typically stereotyped as being hard-working, bearing ethnic idiosyncrasies, excellent in the areas of math/science, extremely passive, and willing to adapt to the White power structure more willingly than other ethnic minorities in America.

With that being said, Asians in America have been traditionally stigmatised as being “ethnic”, weak, sexless, a jack-of-all-trades in academics, and most of all subservient.  It is safe to say those perceptions of Asians came crashing down on many Americans when Cho Seung-Hui finally made his move to release all his pent up rage, insanity on a Monday morning.  It didn’t really sink in until NBC and other news outlets in the world decided to air key excepts of his “manifesto” which depicted him as an awkward Asian-American who had a great deal of anger and committed to killing those who wronged him (whoever they may be).

Soon, people started seeing these images started to realise that this man could be the kid that hangs out with their children, the guy they work with, the guy who helps them out or just a random acquaintance that happens to be an Asian male.  Now people will consider Asian males to not only be good in math or science, but also capable of extreme psychotic acts of violence.    So far, a few Asians have related on various forums that their co-workers have started to look at them weird and reluctant to socialise with them while others no longer feel safe when traveling around predominantly White neighbourhoods.

Then there are idiotic acts such as this:

i’m at michigan state at a frat house. just got word that 16 cars outside the international house on campus got vandalized… windshields smashed in. 14 of those cars were owned by koreans. this is almost certainly related to the virginia tech shooting. i’m really upset about this….. really upset. the kids are playing beer pong………

I would advise readers and Americans to refrain from revenge attacks against Asians because they are not like Cho Seung-Hui.  Remember that people are people and Cho’s act was no different from what happened in Columbine other than his ethnicity.  Despite what I just said, I am sure I will be profiled like many of my Asian peers in America save for Hawaii or California (where there is a sizable Asian population).

With that out of the way, it’s back to bashing the crap out of Sony and the Playstation 3.  From what have been circulating in videogame industry rags and enthusiast blogs, it appears that Sony’s European division will be “heavily restructured” meaning it will be downsized and it comes as no surprise that some top managers in Sony Computer Europe decided to call it quits.  The sales for the PS3 in Europe have already started to freefall after record sales in the initial weeks to the point where retailers in the United Kingdom are selling the systems as a loss just to liquidate their inventory.

On the upside, Sony finally released firmware 1.70, which made improvements in backward compatibility with PSone and PS2 games, allowed for emulation of downloaded PSone games, and allowed for rumble in old Playstation peripherals.  However, the downloadable PSone games will not be available in May and its also good to point out that Sony had about 7 firmware updates in the past year compared to Microsoft’s 2 revisions for the 360.  These improvised updates just come to show that Sony’s Playstation division and OS programmers are indeed run by the legally retarded just like Virginia Tech’s security.

Then the hardware sales in Japan also tell a story:

Nintendo must have been gutted of DS Lite supply, as this week saw a noticeable drop off in sales from last week’s hardware chart. Is the honeymoon over? Has the nation of Japan turned against its handheld leader? Doubtful. But even Wii sales were down considerably, so maybe that Blue Ocean is experiencing a red shift.

Despite an approximate drop of 50,000 in weekly sales, the DS Lite still sits proudly atop this week’s Media Create sales figures.

  • Nintendo DS Lite – 79,897
  • Wii – 51,365
  • PSP – 39,077
  • PlayStation 2 – 17,787
  • PLAYSTATION 3 – 16,889
  • Xbox 360 – 3,889
  • Game Boy Advance SP – 609
  • Game Boy micro – 588

Did you notice that PS2 sales exceeded PS3 sales? That may be due to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ and Musou Orochi selling so well. Still, ouch.

So the Playstation 3 is still being crushed by a modified Gamecube and being cannibalised by their own Playstation 2.  It’s interesting to see how the top two sellers in Japan last week were the Nintendo DS and Wii followed by a portable PS2 and the PS2 itself while the PS3 is barely close to the PS2′ sales.  One would think that Gundam Musou would have boosted the PS3’s sales, but it really did little in the long-run.

It has reached the point where some random people can cultivate an Internet following just by creating a running gag pretending to be an uneducated PS3 fanboy:

So despite all of the obscenity-laced rant about Wii games and Devil May Cry no longer being a PS3-exclusive, the video points out that the “PSTriple” doesn’t have any good games worth talking about and parodies the fanboys who go on bashing popular games on the Wii or 360.  This was supposed to be a one-time joke by the Chad Warden fellow, but many of the PSTriple fanboys were actually dumb enough to use this video in defending their $600-plus investment in what can now be considered more of a “cheap” blu-ray player (assuming Sony can win that format war).

Speaking of stupidity, Taiwan Province decided to make a prank call pretending to be attacked by a killer in a university just to test police response time about three days after Monday’s shootings:

Two MPs who faked a hostage-taking at Taiwan’s top university after the US school shootings have been condemned by the island’s governing party.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) made a public apology after two MPs reported that students had been taken hostage at National Taiwan University.

Armed police rushed to the campus, only to be told that the call was a hoax aimed at testing their response time.

The pair may face disciplinary action, but have defended their action.

Police who rushed to scene found Lee Chen-nan and another legislator, Lin Kuo-ching, on campus with a number of reporters.

The hoax drew sharp criticism from the DPP, which issued an apology, and from Taiwan’s cabinet, which said authorities would investigate whether the MPs broke any laws.

Why is Taiwan Province turning into a goddamn living joke to the point where Zhejiang Province looks more respectable?   Three days after the shooting and during examination week the two legislators from the “Democratic Progressive Party”, the party that wants total war with China, decide to make a crank call just to test police response time.  Both legislators justified their actions because it was supported by students who wanted to avoid the exams, without realising that they could encourage copycat pranks in the long-run.

The world turns and things will be back to business for the most part

The Laws of Attraction

According to “The Secret” and New Age philosophers, the law of attraction states that anything that I commit myself to thinking of will eventually come to me in unexpected ways whether they are positive or negative thoughts.  It seems that idea is complete bullshit since earlier today at the Auto Show I saw a girl I had a high school crush on while walking to the next exhibit.  Most of the time, I was actually having ideas about fighting some RONs kids and breaking their arms in the process with MMA, not the girl I liked back in High School.

Her name is Melody and she looked more or less the same the last time I saw her in high school, which was weird.  She was there to accompany her boyfriend/husband I am guessing to the NY Auto Show.  For a moment there, I didn’t think I would be recognised seeing that I had longer hair and metal glasses back in high school while my fashion sense was not so good either at that time.  It really didn’t bother me since I A) don’t really know her and B) I was a different person back then.  Maybe it’s the fact that I actually saw her and still recognised her after all these years that made it weird and of the least expected places as well.

I believe in the past, I would have been upset at the fact that she was married or with someone, dwelling on it as some sort of failure.  Fortunately that isn’t the case because I don’t feel upset and negative thoughts have not cropped up since I made that weird encounter.  For the most part, I think I am in good terms with her as an acquaintance like with a good number of John P Stevens alums with some exceptions.  In any event, I doubt that I will have such encounters with her and other JP alums in the near future.

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