My Dormant Blog Still Gets ~1000 views per Month

I haven’t been active on this blog for years, other than the sporadic post regarding current events or writing about whatever topics are of interest at the time.  Despite being inactive, the frequently searched posts are ones related to the old “Prison Break” TV show, a review of a now-aborted comic storyline where Batman died, and various essays on Asian history and culture.  Even though most of those posts were written several years ago, they are still being searched by people to this day.

Why Does This Dormant Blog Hold Up?

I reckon this is a good question and I sometimes wonder why this blog is still relevant despite being dormant when compared to the period where I had the most content during 2006-2010.  If the “Prison Break” posts mean anything, is it suggests a good number of readers are interested in the show’s long and convoluted storylines given the success of the revival series.  Much of what I wrote about “Prison Break” spans from Seasons 2 to part of Season 3, where I stopped watching after they supposedly killed off Sara Tancredi.

After the show wrapped, there were enough people that still liked the cast and crew from the Prison Break TV show.  Not surprisingly, many of the show’s leads were eventually cast in shows like the CW’s “Arrow” and “The Flash”, with Dominic Purcell playing HeatWave while Wentworth Miller plays Captain Cold. With growing interest among the cast and solid home video sales of Prison Break, it was no surprise FOX commissioned a Season 5 revival of the show.

Even though the main character was killed off in the final season of “Prison Break”, they retconned it so that Michael Scofield somehow survived and is stuck in a Yemeni prison.  Because of this, Lincoln Burrows and C-Note have to work together with much of the supporting cast to get him out while dealing with another conspiracy.  I didn’t really have much interest in the revival series and joked with friends that liked the Arrowverse shows that Captain Cold and Heatwave were taking a break to do “Prison Break”.

How Does the Other Content Help?

Other than people’s revived or new interest in the “Prison Break” TV show, there seems to be ongoing interest in Batman being killed off, Asian social issues, and Asian-American issues.  The original post about Batman being killed off was actually about the character’s apparent death in a comic book crossover called “Final Crisis”.  The other posts mostly revolved around social issues or essays about Asian culture.

I am not going to discuss too much about how Batman gets killed off, as the recent DC Comics Nu52 reboot basically made it so all stories before the reboot did not happen (much like how some Japanese claim the Rape of Nanking didn’t happen or enough Turks claim the Armenian Genocide is a lie).  However, the ongoing DC Rebirth retcon of the DC New 52 reboot now claims that some stories happened but not in the way they were originally written and that Alan Moore’s Watchmen had something to do with it.  In any event, the post is still unrelated to ongoing concerns regarding Ben Affleck’s status as Batman in the DCEU movie franchise.

In regards to the posts about social issues, I reckon many people are more conscious of social issues whether they are real like Climate Change or based on whatever Twitter is talking about.  In this special place of social issues topics, many people are increasingly interested in posts about Asian-Americans given the lack of real conversations about issues that affect that community.  On the other end, people are also having a growing interest in history as much of it has an impact on our daily lives.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing the popular blog posts since the blog’s inception, it appears television reviews and opinions of social issues are what keep people visiting.  Even though the traffic gradually declined over the years due partly to inactivity and changes in search engine logic, the blog still gets on average a thousand views per month.  I am sure it really isn’t much in the grand scheme of things but it’s really interesting seeing as people are still interested in content that is years if not decades old.  Thanks for your time and support.

Prison Break Season 3, Episode 5

Turned out there was no episode 5 last week but I am still unnerved by Sara’s gruesome demise. Apparently, the producers decided to kill off the character after they were unable to secure a new contract with the actress playing the character. They first gave her space so she can tend to her newborn daughter so they had her character get kidnapped then they had difficulties getting her back to the show. Some said it was the tough schedule while others claimed it was the need for higher pay. In any event, nothing was worked out and the producers decided to kill off the character.

For those who think I am making up Sara’s demise, below is a screenshot of what Lincoln Burrows saw at the end of episode 3 and in a flashback in episode 4 when he opened that bloodied box.

With that said, the subplot between Michael and Sara along with Sara’s quest for revenge against the Company are effectively over. Episode 5 largely involved Michael, Mahone and Whistler finalising plans to breakout of Sona until Michael’s carelessness compelled the guards to seal off his escape route and march into prison.

Lincoln and Sofia bond over their common goals and gives time to have Lincoln properly preserve Sara’s severed head and bury it in an undisclosed location in beach on Panama. Also in Sona, Dominic Keating from “Enterprise” and “Heroes” joins the prison as an inmate who knows about Whistler’s past, which implies that Whistler was a Company agent and more than a fisherman.

In 2 weeks, Prison Break will be back with a two-hour episode and it looks like something changes. I am not sure if I really care anymore but I am sure this will be the final season for Prison Break.

Prison Break Season 3, Episode 3

So Sara does not get killed in this episode.  Much of this week’s episode revolved around Whistler trying to get information about Scofield and Michael trying to steal Lechero’s cellphone to talk to Sara.

The episode opens with a Company agent slipping some pictures of LJ and Sara in Lincoln’s room.  Sucre later sneaks up to Lincoln and tells him he needs the millions, but is upset when Lincoln tells him it’s all gone.  He tells him he is willing to help Lincoln out but he also has his set of problems, which Lincoln responds by showing him pictures of Sara and Michael.  Whistler later meets with Michael asking him when they are going to breakout but Scofield tells him he doesn’t care about him and the only reason he is doing this is for Sara and Lincoln.

Lincoln pays Michael a visit and tells him about the pictures.  He also tells Scofield about the book, which is filled with random names and numbers he can’t make out.  With the pictures, Michael tries to find a way to call Sara and first goes to Lechero for a favour, which is rejected.  Lincoln then arranges for Susan to make the call happen so that Michael will have a reason to help them.  Scofield’s pro-American inmate tells him that all the landlines are ripped out for copper since the prison riots and Lechero has the only cellphone.  Therefore, Scofield threatens to expose T-Bag’s past unless he helps him steal Lechero’s cellphone for him.

Whisler gets a visit from Sofia and learns that Lincoln stole the book he set aside for her.  As she leaves the prison, she notices that Lincoln Burrows had visited a Michael Scofield, who Whisler claimed was his lawyer.  Meanwhile, Bellick is in prison trying to get a missing shoe from the local gay barber and Mahone is having drug withdrawal.

Mahone later gets a visit from his defence lawyer who tells him he will get a trial next year, which frustrates Mahone.  He later begs the lawyer to get him some drugs to which he leaves in disgust.  Whistler later pays a visit to Mahone’s cell to try to learn more about Michael and we learn that Whistler is Australian.  Whistler later finds out that Michael is aggressively loyal to his friends but will leave his enemies to rot.

T-Bag manages to snatch the cellphone when Lechero goes to get a haircut from the gay barber.  He hands off the phone to Michael who talks to Sara for a brief moment.  She tells him in code that she is being held in an area called “Lost Cause” at 3 O’clock of the statue.  Michael then sends Lincoln off to try and find them.  On his way Lincoln is threatened by Sofia and tells her that they are on the same side.  He also asks her why they would kidnap his son just to get Whistler, a fisherman, out of Sona.

Michael tries to return the cellphone on time and is helped by T-Bag who stalls him.  However, Lechero notices that his phone was improperly placed on the charger and then calls Lincoln’s number.  No one responds on the other end so Lechero asks one of his goons to investigate the mysterious number.  T-Bag is later harassed by Lechero’s goons so he barges into Lechero’s office pretending to overhear people trying to destroy him and tells him he is afraid of talking since the “new guy” always takes the fall for the traitors.  Lechero then assures him that he will trust him and asks him to be his “ears”, which helps T-Bag maneuver deeper into his inner circle.

Lincoln manages to find the Company’s hideout after Sara throws out her shoe from the building’s windows.  However, Lincoln reaches them only to see LJ briefly before they are taken away.  Michael is later confronted by Mahone who suggests the Company kept him alive and led him to Sona to simply break Whistler out of prison.  Mahone then suggests that he plans to kill Whistler but Michael tells him his family would be in danger if he tried that since he seems to be valued by the Company.  Bellick overhears the entire conversation as he was trying to steal a shoe from the gay barber, Pistachio.

Whistler later comes forward and tells Scofield that he is really a fisherman in Australia who one day gave a tour to some businessman.  Not long after he was being followed by mysterious government agents and decided to move to Panama, where he met Sofia, to lay low.  Then somehow he got in trouble with the local authorities and has been stuck in Sona ever since.

At the hotel, Lincoln finds a drunk Sucre by his hotel door.  He then gets a call for Susan who doesn’t blame him for trying to find Sara and LJ.  She then tells him he will never try that again because something she left for him in the parking lot.  Lincoln then finds the bloodied box at the parking lot, which we assume is from either Sara or LJ.

Next week’s previews shoe Bellick telling Lechero about Michael’s plans, and Sofia coming to help Lincoln.

Prison Break Season 3, Episode 2

The episode opens up with Michael lining up to get clean water, with Bellick trying to cut in front of the line but he is pushed away by a local inmate.  Eventually there is a small scuffle which forces Lechero’s goon to knock Bellick into the barrel of water, causing the week’s supply to go away.  Fortunately, Michael is able to get some clean water before this happens and proceeds to ask one of the pro-American inmates about James Whistler.  The inmate tells him that Whistler is in prison hiding for supposedly killing the mayor of Panama City and Lechero put a price on his head.

Michael later realises that Bellick had come into contact with Whistler and offers him some water in exchange for information.  Scofield later finds Whistler in the sewers and scared to come out of his hiding for fear of certain death.   Michael then has a visit with Lincoln where he gives him a note her found in his pocket so he can get information from the outside.

Lincoln begins his regular meetings with Company operative Susan, who tells him she understands the situation and it will be over once he gets Whistler out.  Lincoln then threatens her with the understanding the something will happen to her family if she does any harm to Sara and LJ.  Meanwhile, Sucre is shown buying a gun and goes to pay Bellick a visit for what he did to Maricruz.  He threatens Bellick with a loaded gun until Bellick tells him he never kidnapped Maricruz and all he did was just scare her with charges of aiding a fugitive.  Bellick then admitted to tricking Sucre into helping him and begs him to tell his mother that he is stuck in Sona.

Sucre then leaves the prison with plans to get back with Maricruz when he bumps into Lincoln at the bus stop.  Lincoln asks Sucre if he could help him get Michael out of Sona, but Sucre tells him he needs to get back to Maricruz.  As Sucre’s bus, Lincoln notices that the note Scofield gave him had a reference to a Bank of Versailles and they show Sofia also getting a ride to the bank as well.  Sofia later arrives at the bank to withdraw an item from a safety deposit box with Lincoln observing from a distance.  As Sofia walks out of the bank, Lincoln confronts her about the item and takes it out of her purse, which is revealed to be a book on birdwatching.  However, a company agent observes the entire exchange with Lincoln walking away from Sofia pointing out he is just another victim of the Company.

Mahone also gets interested in what Michael asked the pro-American inmate by pretending to be Scofield’s friend, who tells him Michael went to the sewers looking for Whistler earlier.  At the same time, Bellick bumps into T-Bag and offers information about Whistler to Lechero as well in return for clean clothes and food.  Mahone then makes his way to the sewers with the intention of killing Whistler with the false belief it will give him a trip to an American court.  He manages to smash through Whistler’s hideout but is intercepted by Lechero’s goons and later by Michael, who goes after realising Bellick got clothes and food.   In the confusion, Whistler manages to run away with Mahone after him.

Meanwhile, a prison riot, incited by a disgruntled inmate, is about to erupt.  Lechero feels that killing inmates will not do any good because they will regroup and the prison police refuses to give him emergency supplies.  Michael barges in to his office with an offer, but he is rebuffed after T-Bag tells Lechero that he is untrustworthy.  Later, Michael bribes the pro-American inmate with a $100 bill to help him get supplies to create a small-scale explosive that would detonate a clogged water pipe.  Mahone eventually catches up to Whistler and brings him to the courtyard.  Suddenly, Michael’s makeshift bomb goes off, and water flows freely from the public faucets.  Lechero agrees to let Whistler live out of respect for Michael’s actions and refuses Mahone’s demands for freedom.

Sucre on the other hand realises he cannot return to Chicago without ruining Maricruz after having an encounter with the local police.  He calls her to tell her he is sorry for everything and that he will be always thinking of her and the baby.  It is implied from next week’s previews that Sucre will help Lincoln out.  Lincoln returns to his hotel after confronting Sofia and finds Susan in his room.  She threatens Lincoln for straying for his tasks by investigating Whistler’s girlfriend and demands to get what he took from Sofia.  Lincoln hands over the book about birds, but it turns out to be a duplicate he bought earlier.

The episode ends with Lechero drowning the rebellious inmate who incited the riot in a bucket of water and with Whistler thanking Michael for helping him and asking him if he has any ideas on breaking out.   Next week’s episode is the episode when they kill off Sara Tancredi, because the actress portraying her has found better work.

Prison Break Season 3, Episode 1

Season 3 in Sona, Panama is Season 1 all over again except this time it is Bellick, Mahone, T-Bag, and Michael who are in prison. The show’s opening montage reflects this change with shots of the Panamanian guard tower, religious motifs, and new characters.

The season premiere opens with Susan B. Anthony, a Company operative, putting on makeup and then shows Michael, Mahone, and Bellick in Sona witnessing a deathmatch between two inmates. Next we see Lincoln going to the US Consulate in Panama City to get help that would get his brother out of Sona while at the same time looking for Sara. We learn that there is evidence proving that Michael killed Agent Kim in self-defence from the gun found by the local police but all the money is missing, which makes the subplot about the millions anticlimactic.

Michael continues to adapt to life in Sona in the meantime while noticing how Bellick is reduced to a prison bitch. There are scenes where Bellick is shown walking around bloodied and bruised and wearing only his underwear begging for food with another American inmate. We later learn that he and the other inmate are reduced to doing menial tasks by the prisoners such as cleaning out latrines and warming the prison. The other American prison bitch is later killed by the prison guards when he tries to run towards the prison fences.

While adjusting to life in Sona, Mahone starts feeling withdrawal effects after realising he no longer has any pills to suppress his guilt over past actions. Mahone later confronts Michael about the irony of their situation and tells Michael that he was clever in planting drugs all over the boat. He also wants Scofield to help them break out of prison and claims he will confess all his crimes to the American court if they get out alive, but Michael reminds him they are enemies because he killed his father.

Michael later gets a visit from Lincoln who tells him he will eventually be transferred to a better prison and face his charges in America instead of staying in Sona. Later Michael gets a visit from a Company operative acting a lawyer who offers Scofield tools to break out, but he is refused.

Lincoln continues contacting the local police and authorities to find out what happened to Sara. He later gets a call from the police saying they found a corpse that matches Sara’s description, but it turns out to be another woman. In Sona, Michael, and Mahone along with other new inmates are sent to meet Lechero, the head of the prison. Lechero explains that Sona is currently chaotic prison that they see because the prison guards pulled out of the entire prison after one vicious riot and only watch the prison from the perimeter, which leaves all prisoners to their own devices. As a result of this chaos, Lechero was able to gain power and maintains order by having disputes settled in deathmatches around the prison courtyard.

After meeting with Michael, Lechero becomes worried that someone as brave and appealing as Scofield would be a threat to his current rule. Therefore, he stages a dispute with him with one of his henchmen by planting drugs in Michael’s cell and then having that henchman provoke a deathmatch to get Scofield killed. Around this time, T-Bag is sent to Sona and tries to talk to Michael telling him that he also was an unwitting pawn for the Company. T-Bag eventually tries to curry favour with Lechero to survive in Sona.

Michael is eventually pressured to fight and Mahone gives him advice to win, which involves fighting dirty. He later points out that Michael is the only way for him to get out of prison. As this is happening, Bellick gets into contact with a James Whistler, who gives him food in return for placing pieces of paper in Michael and the henchman’s pockets before their fight. The rules for the deathmatch are outlined by Lechero: no weapons, just bare hands and only one person comes out alive.

Michael begins the fight by knocking down the henchman but is kept in the ring when he tries to walk away. After knocking down the henchman again he still tries to walk away while a few inmates give the henchman a knife to kill Michael. However, Mahone stops him in time and breaks his neck, pointing out the fight is over because the “no weapons” rule was broken.

In Panama City, Lincoln gets a call from LJ, who mysteriously tells him to meet him in the Garfield building. Arriving at the Garfield building, he meets Susan B. Anthony, the operative seen in the beginning getting dressed. They chat and then she tells him to take a call from his son LJ.

We later learn that Sona is resupplied by the government with periodic exchanges of food and petrol in return for prisoners bringing out corpses of dead inmates. Throughout this episode, a girl, Sofia, had been constantly begging for the prison to bring out the dead inmates so she can claim them as a family member. The bodies are brought out by the guards land she examines each of their pockets finding a coded message from Whistler in the dead henchman’s pockets, which was also placed in Michael’s pockets before the fight.

The episode ends with Lincoln making another visit to Scofield telling Michael that he must break a James Whistler out of Sona in one week because the Company is holding both LJ and Sara hostage with a video clip proving the Company has them.

Next week’s previews showing Sucre asking Bellick about Maricruz, fights in the prison, Michael meeting Whistler, and Lincoln begging the Company for more time.

Prison Break Season 2, Episode 22

Prison Break Season 3 is Season 1 in a Panamanian Prison. Kellerman is dead, Agent Kim is dead, Sara is free, Lincoln is free, Mahone is in Prison, Michael is in Prison, Bellick is in Prison, and T-Bag is in Prison.

Kellerman arrives in court to provide his entire testimony that would free Sara along with relevant evidence. Because of his testimony, the judge concludes that Sara committed crimes under duress while Lincoln Burrows was set up for Kellerman’s actions. Afterwards, Sara receives a voicemail from Michael and proceeds to meet him in Panama. Kellerman is later killed by the Company while his prison van was on route to the prison.

Sucre later recovers from T-Bag’s attack and walks out of the hospital to help Bellick since he has Maricruz. He later calls the US embassy and makes his way to the police station but he is too late. He late falls unconscious due to severe blood loss thinking about Maricruz. While at the prison Bellick confronts T-Bag in prison, but T-Bag does not seem to be bothered by his threats. Once Bellick is escorted out of the jail, T-Bag later meets with the Company man telling him to spring him out in return for being Scofield’s bait after they caught him in Mexico. The Company man refuses to help him and it is implied T-Bag will be sent to a local prison.

Michael decides to meet Mahone to meet his demands of giving him the boat and the money. However, Michael then calls Sara with a set of instructions to plan around this problem and later hires a local pot dealer to help him. With the pot dealer’s help, they meet up with a local drug lord who offers to help after Scofield offers them cash. As this is happening, Mahone calls up Agent Kim to inform him that he has the brothers in custody and he later calls his wife with plans to meet up in Colombia. As Agent Kim prepares to leave for Panama, the Silent Man tells him that he needs to get one brother for Sona.

Michael later arrives at the docks where Lincoln is being held. He stashes the money in a corner near the factory and walks in to meet Mahone. After asking Mahone to release Lincoln in return for the money, Mahone then calls the local police to inform them that Scofield and Lincoln killed Agent Kim. Just as Kim arrives, Mahone tells him that his job is over and offers them the brothers, he then attempts to kill Kim but is interrupted by Kim’s agents. A shootout ensues with Mahone killing the Company thugs while Michael, Lincoln and Agent Kim escape. Mahone then leaves just as police arrive using Michael’s boat however, Panamanian customs found kilos of cocaine as he was about to enter the Panama Canal. It turned out that Scofield bought cocaine from the drug lord and planted it all over the boat he gave to Mahone. Agent Mahone later calls his wife and tells her to forget about their plans in despair.

Michael and Lincoln make their way to a prearranged meeting place that he planned with the local pot dealer. Nearby there is a boat waiting for them that was prepared by Sara. As they were settling into their replacement boat, Sara tells Lincoln that all charges against him are dropped while her father’s friend is working to help Michael’s crimes. Lincoln then decides to celebrate and leaves the handgun he took from the earlier shootout inside the boat. Suddenly, Agent Kim shows up and threatens the two brothers. Michael gives him the money but he kicks into the water telling him that it was never about the money. He then tells them that the police are on their way to arrest them for the shootout at the warehouse and was about to shoot Lincoln before he was shot by Sara.

The Panamanian police arrive and Lincoln, Sara and Michael escape into the woods. Lincoln manages to escape capture but Michael and Sara are hiding in a shack surrounded by police threatening to shoot. Scofield then tells Sara to give him the gun and then walks out pretending to hold Sara hostage and confessing to crimes he didn’t commit. Later Lincoln goes to Panama city to look for Sara, who just left the station after giving her testimony to the police, Lincoln then spots Sara and finds she is followed but loses sight of her.

Michael is being delivered to the Sona prison in Panama and bumps into Mahone who is also incarcerated in the same prison. As Michael enters the prison, he sees that it is lawless unlike the orderly Fox River prison with drugs, prostitutes rampant in the cells with no guards. While observing the sights in Sona prison he notices that Bellick has been reduced to a prison bitch by one of the stronger inmates. At the same time, a Company official informs the Silent Man, who turns out to be a general, in a military research facility that Michael is in Sona. The Silent Man finally speaks acknowledging that he expects Scofield to break out of Sona and the two walk into a laboratory.

It looks like Season 3 will involve Michael, Mahone, Bellick, and T-Bag working to break out of Sona while Sucre, Sara and Lincoln find ways to help them from the outside. I am concerned that Prison Break may become stupid like Lost in Season 3 since they are now adding a science fiction element into the series and the way they ended the subplot with the breakout and money was quite anti-climatic. The producers also suggested that Prison Break will now end at Season 3, which is a good idea since stretching it any further will lead to stupid premises and subplots that are currently plaguing Lost.

Next week’s previews show scenes from the new show “Drive” whose premise is along the lines of “Cannonball Run” with drama. One of the lead characters is the guy from Firefly/Serenity.

Prison Break Season 2, Episode 21

Everyone is in Panama and Kellerman helps Sara in court.

Sara is currently on trial for helping the brothers escape from Fox River. The only defence she has against a conviction is the tape Michael and Lincoln sent to the mass media. However, this piece of evidence is not enough to sway the judge and jury from putting Sara in prison. Meanwhile, Kellerman is in a hotel planning a military suicide dressed in his army ranger uniform and present with his medals of honour and a suicide note to his sister Kristine. The gun fails to go off in the last minute and he calls his sister for help around the same time Sara’s defence tells her to accept the sentence of 12 years with 9 years for good behaviour. Kellerman’s sister arrives and she sees his brother trying to tell her that he has nothing and he did things that he regrets. She tells him she is there for him and the episode ends with Kellerman coming forward to testify on Sara’s behalf.

T-Bag is hiding out in a hotel in Panama and is reluctant to meet the prostitute he met in a building. He goes outside of his room and sees Company men monitoring his every move. Michael spots T-Bag from the hotel balcony and also notices the men watching him and has flashbacks of all the crimes T-Bag did in Season 1. Scofield then hires a kid to light some firecrackers to make sure if they were armed. He then goes across the street and bumps into Sucre, who looks scared. Bellick then shows up and pulls a gun on Michael with Sucre begging Scofield to help him get T-Bag’s money since Bellick has Maricruz. Bellick threatens Michael and he eventually agrees to help Bellick and Sucre in return for T-Bag as long as they follow his plan. Meanwhile, Lincoln finds Michael’s Blackberry in the boat and Mahone gives his wife a call telling her that everything will be over soon.

Bellicks goes into the hotel and sets off the fire alarm, causing T-Bag to leave with the money. The Company men follow him with the Michael, Sucre and Bellick not far behind. Mahone, spots Michael in the crowd but is attacked by Lincoln before he could move with Lincoln gaining the upper hand. The trio follow T-Bag all the way to his meeting place with the two men guarding the entrance. Bellick is sent to distract the two men so Sucre and Michael take them down by surprise, which they later learn were Company men based on their lack of government identification. They then enter the building, and the find T-Bag in the back of the building just as the Panamanian police arrive. When asked about the money, T-Bag tells them that it is in the closet to which Bellick orders Sucre to get it, which has a dead prostitute from last episode instead of the money.

T-Bag then runs out the backdoor with the trio chasing after him. However, T-Bag manages to shoot Bellick, but he orders Sucre and Michael to catch him. Michael gets to him first then orders Sucre to find them a getaway car so they can turn T-Bag in to the US embassy. While they wait for Sucre’s getaway car, T-Bag tries to negotiate a deal telling Michael he has information that could help him in return for letting him walk, which is refused. While they are driving to the US embassy, Sucre and Michael get into an argument about Bellick since Sucre needs him to save Maricruz and the argument ends with T-Bag stabbing Sucre with a screwdriver he found in the car. The car swerves off the road with T-Bag taking his money and running into the woods. Michael tends to Sucre until a bystander comes by to help them by first calling the paramedics and then tending to Sucre, when Sucre asks Scofield to get T-Bag.

Michael chases T-Bag all the way down to an empty shack where T-Bag tries to negotiate another deal. Michael and T-Bag fight in the shack until he overpowers T-Bag. As he has a knife pointing at T-Bag’s neck, T-Bag laughs and reminds Michael that he is the type of person who doesn’t kill. Michael responds by stabbing the knife through T-Bag’s left arm and leaves him to get caught by the Panamanian police. As Michael returns to the Christina Rose with the money, he first calls the local operator to find out where Sucre is being treated and then gets a call from Lincoln who then gives the phone to Mahone. Once getting the phone, we learned Mahone caught Lincoln off-guard to regain control of the situation and that he wants Michael to hand over to him the Christina Rose and the money in return for his brother’s life.

Next week’s Season Finale shows T-Bag in prison talking to a Company guy, Bellick in prison, Sucre running from the police, and Agent Kim seemingly shooting Lincoln.

Prison Break Season 2, Episode 20

T-Bag got his money, the brothers make it to Panama, C-Note is a free man, and Bellick is working with Sucre.

The episode opens up with a Mexican getting T-Bag’s luggage from him just as he is spotted by Sucre and Bellick. They chase him all the way out of the airport but T-Bag escapes through a taxi. After failing to capture T-Bag, Sucre was able to take Bellick’s gun from him, but he threatens Sucre by saying he has Maricruz hostage so he has to help him find the money. Sucre and Bellick go to the tourist bureau for information based on T-Bag’s false identity. The Tourist bureau later calls Sucre to tell him T-Bag was spotted somewhere in Panama.

C-Note is being helped by Agent Wheeler and an Internal Affairs agent in getting evidence against Mahone. C-Note tells them the only way he will testify if he is set free and his family is protected to which they agree to free him and place him and his family into the Witness Protection Program. At the end of the episode, C-Note is set free on the condition he shows up to testify against Mahone when he is contacted by the prosecution. It appears that the main characters will return to C-Note in the third season.

Michael and Lincoln take the ship out of the country, and Michael offers Sara a spot on the freighter. However, Sara realises she is being followed by Agent Lang and decides to stop driving so they would not be able to catch the brothers. Michael is upset upon realising she was caught as they left the docks to the point where he is tempted to call her when he arrived to Panama. The regret of not having Sara at his side when they are in Panama causes Michael to feel guilt over letting T-Bag go, as well as all the people that died so they could be free.

Lincoln tries to talk to sense to Michael during their trek in Panama to the “Christina Rose” a getaway ship named after their mother. Once they settle into their ship, Scofield gets a message on the website from Sucre informing him that T-Bag is in Panama. He soons disappears from the ship and offers to help Sucre get him, but it was actually Mahone impersonating Sucre to trap Michael in Panama.

After the trail goes cold when the brothers leave Chicago, Agent Mahone spends one week in his house trying to solve the puzzles using all information he has on Michael. He eventually figures out that all the tattoos were made in order of the master plan and goes on trying to decrypt the final tattoo containing the image of Christ in a Rose with the number “617”. He later figures out that the Christ and Rose imagery is a reference to Christina Rose, Michael’s mother, and finds records of Michael paying someone for a job in Panama. As he is learning about these clues, Mahone gets a call from Agent Kim asking him why C-Note is a free man and warns him about being investigated by Internal Affairs.

Mahone eventually realises it was Wheeler after he didn’t show up for work for days. As Wheeler returns to work in the parking lot, he asks for protection from IA from Mahone, just as Mahone confronts him. Despite Mahone’s threats, Wheeler tells him that even if he kills him, there is DNA evidence from his backyard, ballistics from Tweener’s murder, procedural problems from Abruzzi’s death and related evidence that would just get him convicted of murder. Mahone then composes himself and tells Wheeler that he reminds him of his younger self when he was still a stable and excellent detective, but tells him that he has to do this for his own reasons. Agent Wheeler, then tells Mahone that he wants to help him, but Mahone walks away.

As he is about to leave his house for fear of an arrest from the FBI, Agent Kim meets him in his house. He offers to make his problems go away by telling him that T-Bag is sighted in Panama City and he can get him and the brothers there.

After getting out of the airport in Mexico, T-Bag spends time in a hotel hiring prostitutes to role-play as Susan wearing a wig. In the hotel, T-Bag decides to kill a prostitute after she refuses role-playing and insists on getting paid instead of changing her terms as T-Bag wanted. That prostitute’s body was discovered by a maid, but T-Bag was able to escape on time before the police catch him. T-Bag is later shown running around in Panama city looking for prostitutes to role-play as Susan alongside a hired bodyguard.

Next week’s episode previews show Kellerman committing suicide in military uniform, Mahone and Scofield fighting in Panama, and Lincoln finally confronting Mahone.