Resignation Letter from Piss-Off American Apparel Employee

From: Ryan Narita
Sent: Wed 11/10/2010 9:59 AM
To: [A half dozen entire AA stores]
Subject: peace out american apparel… peace out forever.

Dear fellow american apparel employees,

First off I’d like to say working for this company for the most part was pretty fun! I’ve made some excellent friends and met some really cool people. Working for american apparel has opened up many interesting opportunities for me and I am thankful for that. I am also thankful for all my past managers district, store, and backstock(al boyle) I was lucky enough to have kind , thoughtful, intelligent people leading the way.

That said I’d like to share a little of my story.

A little over a year ago when I started with this company I was (although not by my standards) a prime candidate for management. Within my first week I memorized all proper procedures, knew all placements, style codes and any technical aspect of the job. I was even helping my backstock manager with his duties. Being naturally a hard worker, well organized, and to some extent obsessive compulsive helped me to excel easily at my job. As months passed and my responsibilities grew exponentially I received little reward for both my hard work and aptitude. I could already feel the stupidity of 9 dollars an hour. But I sucked up my pride to work with cool friendly people. I’ll try to condense this a little..

Around 2 months in: I was given the title ‘assistant backstock manager’ and promised a small but reasonable raise. No such raise came.
Around 5 months in: my backstock manager was fired. And instead of promoting me(second in command) to manager they brought in someone who 1. Had worked two months less than me. 2. Knew less about the job. 3. Knew nothing about our store.
Around 7 months in: my backstock manager was once again fired. And once again replaced by someone with less knowledge, and less experience. However, this time my new backstock manager was completely incompetent and entirely unproductive. Although he was good at playing the drums. wwabd.
Around 8 months in: to everyone’s surprise he too was fired(sarcasm)

I thought finally they will make the obvious choice and make me the new backstock manager and I will finally get paid more than 9 dollars an hour for this stupid job.

Around 8.5 months in: I am once again stepped over and another outside person is brought in to be promoted..
By this point I had been screwed too many times to care about my job. I simply concluded that by nature this company is counter productive. Someone might ask why I would be so resentful? If you worked full time for a company for a full year at 9 dollars an hour I could only assume you must be mentally retarded. I however was given a raise of 75 cents so that only makes me partially mentally retarded.

The moral of my story is don’t give a shit about the company because they definitely do not give a shit about you! That is obvious.

I’d also like to share a couple more secrets I’ve learned over the past year:

– don’t be afraid to lose your job. if some shit for brains ass hole like dov or dan sends a quiver down your spine then I truly pity you. they are just men. Stupid spoiled jewish men. Losing 9 dollars an hour is nothing to be afraid of. Certainly nothing worth losing your dignity over. Which brings me to my next point.

– all “head office” employees(with the exception of dom. He is competent) are nothing to fear. These are people with no ambitions nor goals in life. they are content with being the subservient pet of an idiot cocaine addict and blatant self proclaimed pervert. They know they will go no further in life than this company and concurrently don’t mind sucking a little dick once in a while .

– [Other person] is incompetent. [Other person] is useless. [Other person] is a moron. [Other person] is satan incarnate. Ignore her whenever you get the chance.

– Dov charney is an ethical pervert. THAT is why you do perfect fill..

– If you are a hard working valuable employee ask for a raise now.(if you do not receive a raise within three weeks guess what? You’ll never get one.)

– You may ask whatever you want to pretty much anyone in charge, you will receive little to no response you WILL be ignored.

– the company may ask whatever they want of you then place the word “mandatory” after it, If you do not comply you WILL be fired.

– this is just a job you do so you can get drunk on the weekend and have food to eat during the week . it’s not a career do not disillusion yourself in thinking otherwise.

sincerely Ryan Narita


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A Day in the Life of a Williamsburg Hipster

[A creative writing piece]

Hey There! This is Kenny, also known as Willieburg’s best known DJ/producer/artist/photog/liveblogger/singer-songwriter.  You gotta admit Brooklyn is one of the coolest places in the world next to Japan.  I mean, it’s totally open, rootless, and full of adventure unlike that podunk suburb that I grew up in over around Michigan or something.  It’s totally corporate and lame compared to the gnarly chicks, fusion restaurants, and retro trends all over Brooklyn.  All people ever care about in Michigan are gas-guzzling anti-environmental cars, eating bbq beef that harms our carbon emissions, and these people never even heard of Rosa Luxemburg!  How lame is that?

So where was I? I was liveblogging about how awesome it is living in Williamsburg. You see unlike those midtown drones that have to wake up everyday at 5 in the morning to commute and drone for that corporate machine, I can wake up whenever I feel like it. Whether I had a night out drinking glasses of soy milk-vodka bombs, or live tweeting the American Apparel-themed loft party at Zero’s place, I really don’t need to get all worked up about taking the lame 4, 5, 6 or the uncool A, C, E trains to work for losers.  Oh and by the way, the coolest trains running in New York are the L-train, ’cause it goes through Williamsburg and Union Square (which is the only coolest place in Manhattan if a place existed); and the G-train since that’s the only train that never touches any part of the phony, superficial island called Manhattan.  So anyway, I don’t have to worry about stressing over a lame commute and enjoy whatever adventures the night beckons on me.

I am still smashed from those glasses of soy milk-vodka cocktails at that fusion vegan restaurant.  What do I do now?  It’s only two days away before I call my parents to get me some support money until I get my big break as a DJ/producer/artist/photog/liveblogger/singer-songwriter.  It’s really tough getting money to do fun stuff when my parents are always complaining about the economy and their just-over-broke jobs. But I did my part by buying that Obama “Change” t-shirt from Urban Outfitters and Obama is doing awesome in my book.  The only loony thing I could do to get some extra change is to work 8-hours on random days serving Fair Trade coffee to strangers in a cafe. That is just insane?  Who in their right minds would want to slave away 8 hours in a random week for strangers can get Fair Trade coffee?  I worked too hard as a free spirit to get shacked into being a corporate slave.  Some of my roommies weren’t so lucky; Skadoo, who fronts a band called Bones of Green was once funemployed and enjoying life before he started interning at some office. Yuck!

In a few minutes, I gotta catch up with my photo shoots with some hip girls down the block.  One is like a model and the other says she is going to grad school in Brooklyn College. Brooklyn represent! I really hope my bike can take me there. It’s been getting rusty in the past few months and I think I might have been gypped ’cause I had to pay some guy $500 for this fixed-gear bike even though Robby across the hall said he got his for like $300 and his was legitimately retro.  Oh wells, at least my loft was a steal in Williamsburg compared to my bike; I only had to pay like $2500 per month instead of $5000 like the girls I am snapping up later.  It was a really good deal and I think my fans and parents would be proud!  I think I’m going to tweet that later.

Now I gotta run and get ready for that photoshoot with two foxy ladies.  Then at night it’s up for another rad party celebrating the grand opening of that vintage typewriter store with free PBR and then a midnight yoga session at the rooftops of an abandoned warehouse.  It’s gonna to be totally awesome!

Why I hate Hipsters

Why do I hate hipsters? This will be one of the questions I will answer in this creative writing piece. First, I need to explain what a hipster is since there are many ways to describe this subculture. Another piece to exploring my dislike of this group will analyse their contribution to our society.

A hipster usually refers to a subculture that considers themselves to be a counterculture to the corporate excesses of the early 21st century. Hipsters claim to be nonconformists, bohemians, and free spirits who are trying to break the mould by pursuing the simple pleasures of life in their own right.

Well, how can hipsters be nonconformists if they mainly buy their clothes from American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and marked-up thrift shops? Most of these hipsters ironically conform to trends by getting their fashion sense from established and corporate retailers like American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and “high-end” thrift shops around their hipster neighbourhoods. If these people were truly living like the working class they admire and claim to be living outside of the “corporate world”, they would have purchased their clothes from real thrift shops run by groups such as the Salvation Army and the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints (Mormons); or get them from discount retailers like Wal-Mart, Kmart and Khols because that’s where real working class people shop for clothes. After all, real working class people buy their clothes out of necessity instead of relying on corporate retailers to tell them the correct way to look “poor”.

Now here is another question: what kind of jobs do hipsters have that sustains their lifestyle? If your answer is “nothing” you’re probably right. Hipsters will claim to do real work by claiming to be freelance artists, actors, musicians, or students. The reality is that the older hipsters who claim to be students are lying their asses off while the rest don’t have real jobs. If you see people working in cafes, clothing stores, or in an office, just be aware that these people are not hipsters. People you see on tv or film, performing in a busy schedule or getting their work exhibited outside of Williamsberg, are also not hipsters because they’re actually self-employed. Hipsters are the ones who will shun real work because its “uncool”, “corporate” or “hard”. These hipsters can be seen performing around subways for some dollars, frequenting Willamsberg art exhibitions, parties around Brooklyn, playing kickball or loitering in a Starbucks drinking Fair Trade coffee. In other words, living like college slackers without the classes, exams or care of debt.

If these hipsters don’t work and simply loaf around, then how in the hell can they afford it? The common answer to this happens to be that most of these hipsters depend on their parents for money. Some of them may come from wealthy families who gave them trust funds to live like idiots (such as Paris Hilton) while the rest are really good at persuading their parents that they will eventually get their big break in music, film, or art, so long as they get money to keep going. As a result, some of these hipster neighbourhoods have practically become “gentrified ghettos” as a result of the large injections of cash into the area, which led to new development and increased cost of living. All of these changes would not have happened if parents didn’t give their slacker children money to live carefree lives at the expense of themselves and others.

Some people say hipsters are no different from the hippies in the 1960s, but I beg to differ. You see, unlike the hippies of the 60s, hipsters aren’t really raging against anything or strive to improve society. Hippies in the days of yore had a reputation for supporting progressive movements such as civil rights, ending the war in vietnam, and became associated with liberals. Hipsters on the other hand don’t really support anything unless American Apparel makes it cool (refer to the “Legalize Gay” fashion line), they don’t vote (wearing Obama “Hope” t-shirts isn’t voting), and appear indifferent to social issues that aren’t related to Williamsberg/Brooklyn seen by the fact hipsters shop at Urban Outfitters even though that company is against gay marriage in California. Ironically, hipsters are actually influenced by corporations and behave similarly to the point where they are considered nonconforming conformists because they don’t stand for anything or made any meaningful impact on society.

I hate hipsters because are phony, lazy, spoiled and apathetic groups of people who pursue a carefree, fruitless lifestyle at the expense of others while arrogantly claiming to be a new counterculture free from corporate influences. These people have done nothing to improve society while living off the backs of others despite giving lip service to social causes and claiming to be struggling artists.  They need to stop pretending be “down with the poor” because their behaviour is really insulting to real poor people and they need to stop appropriating culture from other groups just for the sake of being hip.  Give me a break and go back to school/work/reality instead of slacking around while the world becomes poor and miserable.