The Rutgers Business School: Stay Away

The Rutgers Business School: Stay Away

By Pace Wong

Have you ever wanted to be a business major? Does being a finance, marketing, management, accounting or management and information systems major interest you? If you answered yes, you are making the biggest mistake of your life. The Rutgers Business School exists purely to screw over every one of us: it has shitty professors, and cutthroat students.

The Professors are Horrible

As you know, the Rutgers Business School is not yet on par with the rest of the business programs in other universities. Usually the professors we get are mostly research oriented or just academic hacks. From my own experience, the business professors are dishonest, arrogant, unprofessional, and even incompetent. Before the business school, we were extremely interested in stocks and personal finance; but now I don’t feel like we’re learning anything in the school.

First off, there is a professor who graded according his own principles regardless of how hard students worked in class. There were even instances where he gave underperforming students higher grades than those who actually deserved it. These underachievers did not get the grades because of their any extra credit assignments, they got their A’s and B-pluses they did not deserve because they sucked up to the professor and stole credit from others. We find it sad that professors reward bad behavior with good grades in a corporate culture that promotes “ethics” and “goodwill.”

Another instance would be in another class in the business school. In this class, there would get a shitload of homework, which consist of several pages of math problems, copying notes from old videos, and doing projects with little or no idea of the logic and purpose behind it. The sad thing is that this is actually one of the best business professors: he knows what he is talking about and you can actually understand him for the most part. What makes him suck is that the course load he gives you makes it feel like a 9-credit class and it sucks up time to focus on the other important courses in the school.

On top of that, there are also professors with serious emotional problems. One professor threw temper tantrums, left when no one answered his questions, and gave incomplete assignments. This guy does not follow the department curriculum, and teaches things his own way. He gives us a textbook that is just a piece of shit put together by him, even though several authors normally write textbooks. What was even worse was that his “textbook” was missing symbols needed for solving math problems and it had tons of mistakes. Also, this son of a bitch made my friends switch majors and even drop out of the business school altogether.

Your Classmates are Soulless Pricks

Before the business school, classmates can be trusted and befriended. In the B-school, however, you will meet many people who you wished were tagged, rounded up, placed on a train, and left for good. Students in the business school mostly think about making “big money”, live their lives in the classroom, and are willing to sell their souls for short-term success.

There was something I remembered the first day of business school when I was getting to know my classmates. It was before class and we introduced ourselves; but he stopped talking to me once he found out my GPA was a 3.47. This fucker even went the extra mile by telling some of my friends in the b-school behind my back that we was “mad stupid” and “not a good guy”. I mean, seriously, what the fuck is this shit? What is even worse is that this prick leeches off other people’s work and takes credit for it. I know that cutthroat punks exist in general, and I am under the impression that they all go to the business school.

Not only are there cutthroat leeches, there are also brown nosers. Some of these people may have been doing it all their lives and feel there is nothing wrong with it. They think that ass-kissing will payoff and bring them great things. In the business school, they might suck up to the professor to get exempt from an exam or a job recommendation, or they may suck-up to fellow students to get votes to become a club officer and use them. In short, in the business school, your peers will lie, cheat, and steal in the name of good grades and contacts while repeatedly fucking you over in the process. It will become extremely difficult to have friends you can actually trust if you choose to go to the business school.


If you value your life and actually want to grow as a person, stay the hell away from the business school. However, if you are someone who loves to “cheat to win”, lives his or her life in stocks, have parents who are used car salesmen, or love to lord over others; business school is the place to be. The Business school is great with their adjuncts, graduate students and professors who can’t teach. It is also a great place to meet many assholes, just like back in a private high school! Therefore, if you have no soul and enjoy being a prick, the Rutgers Business School is the place to be.